Friday, March 12, 2010

Prima Art Journal

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all are doing really good.

Last night (Thursday, March 11) I watched the Prima show with Marion Smith ( and I was INSPIRED! Inspired to make my own art journal mini. So this morning I headed to one of my local scrapbook stores and bought a whole bunch of Prima Paintables 12x12 sheets (which were on sale for $0.50 each. WOW!). Lets say I went a little crazy. I also picked up 4 glimmer mists I didn't have.
The material I used for this project:3 different 12x12 prima paintables cut to 12x6 length, 6 total (inner pages)
2 6x6 prima paintables (front/back cover)
6 12x12 vanilla cream cardstock cut to 12x6 length, 12 total (2 pieces per 1 prima paintable)
2 6x6 medium weight chipboard1 6x1.5 medium weight chipboard
Black acrylic paint
~3 yards of binging material (I used black jewelry hemp)

The chipboard is to keep the mini protection for the inner pages. Before assembling the mini I painted the chipboard pieces with black acrylic paint (both sides for just the 6x1.5 piece). Then I adhered the 6x6 paintables to the non-painted chipboard pieces. I used Elmers spray adhesive to stick the pieces together. After adhering I used my crocodile to punch small holes along one side of the 6x6 pieces (as many as you think) and then 6 holes on the top and bottom of the 6x1.5 piece and then the same amount of holes used for the sides of the piece as I used for both 6x6 pieces. I then used the hemp string to lace the 6x6 pieces to the 6x1.5 piece. For the inner pages I put 2 12x6 vanilla cream cardstock inside one of the 12x6 prima paintables until all card stock was used up. I then laced the signature pieces to the back binding using the top 6 holes on the 6x1.5 piece.

So that's it. You're done. You just have to customize it to yourself.

I used a watercolour technique that Marion showed using glimmer mist to colour in the paintables. The glimmer mists that I used are as follows:
Wild CurrentPeach Delight
Hula Hoop
Black Gold
Candy Apple Red
Winter Pine
Meadow Green
Snow Angel
Lemon Grass

Sorry the description is fast and vague but if you have any questions just drop me a line and I can try to walk you through it or go to the ustream link and it will take you right to it.

Hope you all enjoyed