Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rider's Puppy album

Hey Everyone!

We have a new member of our family! YAY!

His name is Rider and he sure is a cute little guy. He is a pure German Shephard and he is going to be 10 weeks this coming Friday. He is starting to grow so fast. Right now, he is about 22lbs and he is still so little then what he will be.

But, I thought I would welcome him to the family with his own puppy album. I can't remember everything I used, but I'll describe a little after every picture

I did make it look dirty around the edges since all puppies love to play and get in to mischief. And I used a lot of various dog papers, as well as a word album (puppy) kit I found at our local scrapbook store.

Around most edges I did a tearing technique and then used various browns and copper Versa Color inks to make it look grungy. On the binding rings I used to hold the album together I put different coloured ribbons that coordinated with the papers used throughout the album and a sticker charm that says "good dog" on the first page "P" . Also you can see paw prints, which were from a sticker pack I found on clearance.

On the first official ("second page"), I kept it simple with a glitter dog bone sticker and a place to put a picture. The "U" has a corner taken off and roughly filed to make it look like it was bitten at (I thought it looked pretty cute that way).

On the third page I just made a placement for a larger picture (picture of my mom and Rider) and more paw print stickers.

On the fourth page I used a dimensional sticker "WOOF" and a place for a photo. On the back of the third page I made a pocket for journaling tickets. On the pocket I used a rub-on "puppy love" and a large paw print stamp and I used my cricut to cut out Rider's name. The tickets were made out of the dog papers used throughout the album and I used a brad to hold on the different coloured ribbons.

On the fifth and final page of the album I made a placement for a large photo (myself and Rider) and I used a glitter fire hydrant and paw print stickers. On the back of the fourth page I did another pocket for journaling tags.

Hope you all enjoyed viewing. Sorry about not going into major detail, forgive me.

Take care all,